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How to Create Menu Items That Win-Over Guests Without Straining the Back-of-the-House

Brad Nelson of J.T.M. Food Group talks with Nation’s Restaurant News during the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show about how the company’s beer cheese, birria sauce, queso and more, give restaurants a springboard for developing flavorful, slow-cooked menu items — without the hours of prep time.

Meet the Speakers
Brad Nelson
Executive Director of Marketing
J.T.M. Food Group
600_0005_Marlon Gordon_Headshot
Marlon Gordon
Founder & CEO
NxtGen Network

J.T.M. Food Group is a forward-thinking food-processing company still rooted in the same principles of the original butcher shop. For four generations, the food professionals at J.T.M. have provided on-trend products and solutions, including sauces, soups, sides, dips, pastas, scrambles, and taco fillings, with the same commitment to integrity and quality we’ve had since the butcher shop days.