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Why Authenticity is Key to Resonating with Today's Restaurant Consumer

Gilberto Villaseñor Sr. of V&V Supremo talks with Nation’s Restaurant News during the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show about how the 60-year-old, family-owned cheese company helps restaurants tap into the rapid growth of Mexican cuisine and provides a platform for culinary innovation.

Meet the Speakers
Gilberto Villaseñor
Chief Visionary Officer
V&V Supremo Foods, Inc.
Jamie Ouverson
Director of Operations and Media Manager
NxtGen Network

V&V SUPREMO FOODS, INC. is the premier, award-winning producer of authentic Mexican cheese, crema, chorizo, and maker of Chihuahua® Brand Quesadilla Cheese in the United States. Founded in 1964 by the Villaseñor family, it remains the oldest family-owned Hispanic cheese company in America. Our products are well-recognized within the dairy industry and have won numerous gold awards from prestigious competitions across the country and overseas.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional flavor, texture, and quality, embodying our heritage and passion.

V&V Supremo®, an authentic taste crafted over generations, celebrates heritage, quality, and love in every product.